Friday, January 9, 2009

My Initial Days....

I really like the concept of giving handmade cards; it shows how much the person receiving the card means to you, as you spent so much time and effort in making the card for them. Though I have tried my hand at card-making as a child, mostly for my parent’s birthdays, I never took it up seriously until now.
Last year I decided to make a hand made card for my roommate a handmade card on her birthday, I had no resource required to make a card, I did not even have card stock, and it was quite late at night so I decided to improvise with whatever I had......I made a card using A4 size sheet of paper, postits and for coloring I used my lip liner pencil ;). Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the card, I’ll have to ask my roommate to take one so that I can post it here.
Next I decided to make a card for my mom’s birthday, and this time I was equipped with card stock and colors :) .
This is what I made (the pictures are not great as I never thought I would be posting them anywhere........)
And this is the card I made for my dad’s birthday.
I got both the ideas from searching on the internet.....I don’t remember what website now......
By now I was hooked......but I was still not aware of all the card making resources available today.
Slowly in the past year I have acquired quite a few card-making tools and have taken up card-making seriously.....most of my friends and family have received cards made by me (whether they like it or not ;) )....... I’ll be sharing my card-making experiences and ideas in the following posts.......I hope you enjoy going through my blog....


  1. Hi Juhi,

    Cool..ur site is nice :) And this card with "Bee -utiful day" is very cute

  2. Really nice collection and the write up is too good. Besr of luck.

  3. this is really outstanding. you are very talented, im proud of u :)

  4. heyy.. i stumbled upon dis site kinda by accident.. i make cards too!! n i wud like to sell dem one day!! :) glad i got dis site


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