Friday, January 23, 2009

Personalized Photo Card

I think personalized photo handmade cards are a great gift. I made this card for my husband’s nephew’s 5th birthday. This was my first attempt at making a card with photos and I think it has come up really well (I know, I know I am quite shameless when it comes to praising my own cards ;) ).

I used two sides sticking tape to create different layers in the card. Two sides sticking tape is one of my favorites, using it to give 3-D effect can pep up even the simplest of cards; I use it liberally in my cards.

I used two kinds of gift wrapping paper (another one of my favorites) for the background. Punched hearts were folded around the corners of the centre photo to create a photo album kind of effect. I wrote “Aadi” with a calligraphy pen, I had got a set of calligraphy pens some time back but had never used them much; writing well with them requires some practice.

I hope Aadi likes it...........

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