Sunday, July 19, 2009

Card Patterns Sketch #24

The Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is coming up on 5th August. Raksha Bandhan (the bond of protection in Hindi) celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is celebrated by tying a rakhi or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. The brother in turn offers gifts to his sister and vows to look after her. Check out Meghana's blog for more information about this festival.
Raksha Bandhan was my favorite festival as a kid, Even though I don’t have any brothers I tied rakhi to my cousins, who in turn gave me gifts (usually cash, I loved collecting all the money I received, never spent a single paisa.......quite the opposite I have turned out now :P ).......Anyway now getting to this week’s CP sketch, well since Raksha Bandhan is coming up I decided to make a few cards for the occasion.......
Here is a closer look at the rakhi...The green cord with the flower like circle on top is the rakhi which is tied to the brother’s wrist....I made this from scratch. The cord was made by twisting together gold and green silken thread, folding it in half, twisting again and then tying the ends. I’ll post a tutorial on making the center portion of the rakhi soon (it can also be used as a flower). I have inked the edges of the layers.

Here are a few more cards on the same theme...

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  1. Gorgeous cards with lovely color combination !!!!!!!reminds me of school days when I use to make rakhi with resham thread and then with tooth brush we use to brush the threads to make them even and soft.

  2. thanks a lot Meghana, yup i also used to do the same.......but I couldn't find any resham thread here in Bangalore :(

  3. I use to make rakhi with the thread with which we do embroidery if my memory is correct.

    But that's surprising that u couldn't find resham thread in Bangalore.

    Anyways!!! I saw ur shop in eBay very nice,all the best from my side.

  4. Thanks again Meghana!!! well maybe they call it something else here.....anyway whatever is available here doesn't get soft and fluffly with a toothbrush :(

  5. Beautiful cards!!! I love the gorgeous blossoms on them.. so unique!! :)

  6. Juhi, these are so beautiful! I'll be waiting for the tutorial! Have a beautiful day! :)

  7. Hey check out today's blog something for you:)

  8. awesome card!... love the rakhis sply... and thanks loadz... i have to make some raksha bandhan cards for my brothers ill be mailin them!

  9. Just beautiful Juhi! I love all of the texture on these. They have so much depth and beauty to them. Thanks for joining us again.

  10. Hi juhi,
    I'm happy to see another Indian who's so good at cardmaking! :) this is a very good technique to make rakhi :) I'll try it sometime.. when u find time, take a peek into my blog
    i do a hella lotta craft work these days.. now taken it up as a profession itself.. waiting for ur commments :)


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