Monday, July 6, 2009

Craft Supply Shop in Bangalore

I went craft supplies shopping again this weekend!! I have this bad habit of stocking up on supplies which I think I will need at some point or the other.......and I usually do use whatever I buy.......but the problem is now I have no space left to keep all the stuff that I keep collecting!! I guess every crafter has this habit......
Well now back to my shopping, my friend Sonal (who does awesome glass painting, you can view some of her art work here) informed me about a craft supplies shop here in Bangalore, and I cant thank her enough, this place is an absolute haven for card making supplies in Bangalore, it has all kinds of handmade paper, designer paper, foam sheets, beads, flowers in all kinds of textures and colors and sizes, ribbons (even imported ones), sequins, pre-punched shapes, stickers, quilling supplies.......and everything at almost reasonable prices :).

Here is the list of things I got from there:
1. colored eyelets – 29/- for a small pack
2. pre-punched cars – 40 pieces – 39/-
3. moon shaped beads – 29/-
4. small pack of metallic roses – 29/-5. one sheet of patterned paper – 7/-6. colored foam sheet – 30/-

Check out the shop’s website here

I also went to the local handmade paper shop and got some lovely embossed sheets. I can’t wait to start using the new stuff!!


  1. Wow! It sounds really fun! I have the same habit! I'm trying to go through things and get rid of some stuff and while I'm doing it, I've found things I'd forgotten I had! I hate that!

  2. Thanks loads for the link... loved the websie... bt it dint show dese papers nd eyelets :(

  3. Dear Juhi,

    I came across your blog when I was searching craft shops in Bangalore. You have lovely and informative blog and very beautiful cards. Good job! Weldone!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for art craft supply store in Bangalore. Lovely stuff ... Keep it up.

    Could u post some link to art and craft stores in Bangalore

  5. hi, i came across your blog by chance while surfing for handmade cards and i am glad i came over. :)

    I have recently shifted to bangalore and it would be really nice if you could tell me this shop's address.

    thanks in advance


  6. Hey, Just came across your blog, thank you for the information, very useful.
    I am looking to buy a small [manual] die cut machine to make paper templates, especially cup cake wrappers, I have got the die but not able to source the machine in B'lore/ India. Can anyone help?

  7. try itsy bitsy in banshnakari stage II, same one as suggested earlier.... They don't have currently but plan to have die cutting machines soon.

  8. hies i just stumbled across your blog trying to find out where to get craft things in bangalore.....thanks for the info and
    yes you create wonderful products

  9. Hi Friends,
    I am a part of Itsy Bitsy Management. Thanks for your support & I am happy to say that we have the die cutting machine now!
    we also have a big range of dies with us as well!

  10. Hi i agree that this store has amazing stuff and any crafter would love to stock ....only problem is that this store is very far from my place(malleshwaram)and there are many things that u can't just buy online because u have to see the same before buying.....i wish i had this store near buy..............

  11. Hi Juhi
    your cards and blog is very nice ..I checked your friends link of glass painting .. its really good.. if your frined is intrested in selling those.. i have an art shop where we provide platform to exhibit (sell) their innovative arts ..please visit
    for more details and call me

  12. Wer is tis shop exactly? Coz I so desperately need sum

  13. Hi

    your cards are look beautiful.

  14. Hello Juhi
    Great blog!!
    Could you tell me where you found a local handmade paper store in bangalore? Desperately in search of a particular kind of handmade paper.



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