Friday, July 24, 2009

Handmade Rakhi Tutorial

I guess most of us have made rakhis when we were kids, this is just a recap. If you know any other method(s) of making a rakhi, I'd love to hear from send in your rakhi pictures too!!
This is tutorial for making the center of a rakhi. This is my first tutorial so please be patient :P
1. Take a piece of cardboard of width slightly larger than the diameter of your rakhi. Suppose you want your rakhi to have a diameter of 5 cms, take a cardboard piece of width atleast 6 cms. Even if the rakhi turns out to be bigger than you want, you can always trim it to the size you want.
2. Take the thread (preferably silk thread) and wind is around the cardboard piece till you get a thick skein, something like this.3. Slide the skein out from the cardboard. Be careful not to entangle the thread while doing so.
4. Tie the skein tightly at the center.5. Cut out the loops of thread at either end.6. Hold the skein at the center using your thumb and index finger, or press it from the center using your index finger and a table for support. Keep it pressed for some time, till it stays in place. You can also press it under some heavy books.7. If you want your rakhi to be soft and fluffy you can brush it in outward strokes with an old toothbrush.
8. Trim the rakhi to the desired size. This is what mine looked like at the end....This can now be stuck on top of a thread and embellished as required.

I made this one using thicker thread, and I haven't trimmed it too......will use it as a flower somewhere...
Please this post for more Rakhi cards by me.


  1. YAY!.. thanks loads!... just love them!

  2. Hello Juhi, your cards are fabulous,

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    ur cards are awesome!
    i could make a superb rakhi..thanks to u..
    now i hope my brother likes it..:)

  4. Hey Juhi....Thanks a ton for sharing such fantabulous ideas....

  5. hibah said
    hi juhi ... such nice ideas you have , thanks for sharing them

  6. Dear Juhi maam i am really thankful to you, cause i got just what i wanted. Thanks!

  7. Hi Juhi,

    Very elegant and beautiful Rakhi.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Thanxxxxxxxx.....It is just gr8

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    brilliant , will work for compitition

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