Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quilled Sail Boat

I am a bit late this week with Card Patterns sketch21. I had gone on a short vacation to Hong Kong last week and got back on early Monday morning and was busy at work since then. Well I had an awesome break, did a lot of sight seeing and shopping!! Will post pictures of the trip soon. Now I am all refreshed and raring to go......
I quilled the sail boat, (I hope it does look like one :P ) and outlined the edges using 3-D outliners. The “Happy Birthday” alphabets are punched.
Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Hi Juhi!

    Hope you had a great trip! Hong Kong's a great place to shop and eat..:)

    Such an awesome card Juhi. You have a unique style. Keep up the good work! Love the quilling, a technique I've always been fascinated with but never attempted...Perhaps you'll do a tutorial?

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Juhi,

    Hope you had a great time in Hong Kong.Eagerly waiting to see your pictures on orkut.

    This is very different card I saw in your collection.The best of this card is the cute boat & love the way you have used those simple buttons.I could not even dream that these simple looking buttons could be used in a card so beautifully!Lovely.........

  3. That boat is amazing! I'm glad you had a great vacation! We are going on a vacation in about a week (to Disneyland!). I'm so looking forward to it also! Hope I come back as refreshed and creative as you!

    I missed you while you were gone!

  4. Juhi, I hope your trip to Hong Kong was fun! I would love to live out East and be close to so many large cities. You must get to see some amazing sites there!

    Love your CP card this week. The quilling is divine.

  5. Very pretty one, you should start a separate blog on quilling craft/quilled cards :)
    All the best for your exhibition.
    May be u can post details abt that on ur blog and update it with pics of exhibition once it gets over ... :)

  6. Juhi, it's so beautiful card! Love your boat!

  7. hi juhi, even i do many craft but dont know how to create blog... can u plz help me. i want to make same as urs. i have my pictures.
    my e-mail id is :


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