Friday, September 4, 2009

First Birthday Invitation Cards

I made these 1st Birthday party invitation samples for a baby boy on request.
The white portion in both of them is meant for the birthday boy’s picture. The birthday boy's parents liked the bigger one, but my personal favorite is this pull out card. This is the first time I have tried a pull out card, and I love how it turned out.
I did not finally make the invitation cards; the baby's parents did not want me to put my name on the cards........all my cards are very close to my heart, it makes my day when a stranger compliments me on my work......I love to hear how my creation made a difference to motivates me to keep gives me an immense sense of satisfaction and self I just couldn’t get myself to give my work without my name on it :( .......I guess anyone who is passionate about crafting will agree , what do you think?
The car is a die cut, the stars, baby footprints and alphabets are punched.

Visit here for more invitation cards

Thanks for looking!!


  1. These are soo pretty! :D..
    .. yup i so totally agree wid u..
    .. nd u no wat?.. i got a raw offer from a shopkeeper as well to make "Some other handmade items" like those folder kinds.. bt i refused.. i guessits in da blood of all the crafters!..
    totally love them!.. how did u round the corners of the white sheet meant to put pics in?..

  2. These are so cute!

    Once you've established yourself as a cardmaker, people will want your name on your card....that day will come my friend...:)

  3. Thank you so much Spardha, yeah I know wht you are talking about, one shopkeeper asked me to make shagun envelopes......
    I have used a corner rounding punch, that I order from addicted to stamping to round the corners.
    Happy Crafting!!

  4. these card design looking superb, I think on the first one design Vachel image should be right side.
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  5. wow juhi amazing work..keep up the good work...

  6. Its a good article! Really you have shared some useful information over the post. thank you so much.

  7. First time to your blog..This is really fantastic work... Have no clue in making cards.. But will surely learn for my 3YO .from your wonderful site .. Thanks..

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  9. very nice . I was looking for cards for my son's first bday and this looks great. Can I order?

  10. Hi. I am looking for invitation cards for my son's first birthday. Can I order design number 4 with you...

  11. I'm very busy doing an invitation cards for my best-friend because she asked me to do personalized invitation for her daughter's 2nd birthday.

  12. First Birthday is very special for every one, specially for their parents and in that day birthday boy/girl completed their one year. If we talking to birthday card then there will be more option to make special card.1st birthday invitation card


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