Thursday, September 17, 2009

Paper piercing and some more cardboard

I was trying to stitch on one of my cards but the thread kept on breaking, on removing all the broken thread I discovered that I can use the sewing machine without thread for paper piercing!!
I have used it in this card......the picture hasn't come out great :(
Here are some more cards using corrugated cardboard, I just can't get enough of it!!!Happy Crafting!!


  1. yeah.. rly cute.. and i loove the buttons u used on ur teeny tiny pretty flowers! :)

  2. very cute... just love what u r doin with the corrugated sheets on your cards... any idea where i can get 'em in Delhi?

  3. very cute cards juhi...I love the corrugated thing u using in the cards...

  4. Love your cards.. gives me an inspiration to do something now..


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