Friday, October 2, 2009

Some more photo frames

I could not do much crafting this week, had been terribly busy at work, and was down with a bad cold too :(.
I had made these photo frames few days back. They have been made using beautiful handmade paper. I just love the colors and the texture of these. The red paper almost looks and feels like real brocade!!
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  1. lovely frames... very posh!!!
    we hd begun to miss yr new posts :)
    hope u r feeling better nw...

  2. Kundan work on photo!This mango flower (Aam kii baur) is giving it a very Indian tradition look,you can see this on design on mehndi and handloom prints also.

    I like the First one the most!

  3. These are gorgeous! You have gone way beyond card making!!!!


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