Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another traditional card

I have not been crafting as much I want to these days :(. I usually make atleast 4-5 cards every weekend, but I was at work on both Saturday and Sunday so this the only card I made this weekend....
I have used some more of my kundan work motifs.....I love their bright colors. I have also used some embroidered saree border on this....I guess this would look great as a wedding invitation too, what do you think?
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  1. It's beautiful! It'd make a lovely wedding invite :)

  2. yet another beautiful card by Juhi!.. its rly rly pretty! :D

  3. Lovely.. u r right.. wud make a great wedding invite!

  4. Love the rich colours and textures Juhi! :)

  5. Very nice card, looks very Mughal-ish :)
    Very bright with an ethnic touch !

  6. I wish you had started making cards 4 years back...i would have requested you to design my a traditional Indian style wedding invitation card:)

    It has come out to be fantastic Juhi!


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