Thursday, December 24, 2009

My First Big Layout!

This is my first attempt at a layout. I have always admired Yvonne's layouts and I know this one is not even close to that, but its a start...and now I can't wait to do more.......
I made this for my office newsletter, this month they requested for a hand written or hand made entry on an A4 size sheet. This is also my entry for the card making event at kalalayaa's artclub. This blog is by an extremely talented lady who is an expert in all kinds of crafts. Do check out her work here. I know I am extremely late for the event (I hope she doesn't mind!)

The cardboard flower and the alphabets are hand cut.

Merry Xmas!!


  1. Awesome layout!.. the best!.. m gnna roll in for her competition as well.. !

  2. Very nice! I am petrified of the layouts scrapbookers create ;-) Want to try one of my son, but don't have the guts. :-)) Yours is super cool.All the best for the contests...


  3. Nice work gal! All the best for the competition! :)

  4. Thanks for such a lovely contribution to our office's newsletter :)
    And look forward to seeing BIGGER cards from you:)

  5. Hi Juhi, Happy new year and the very best of 2010.
    You are very creative and with good imagination to craft the lovely cards. Nice hobby too.
    You have a great new year and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

  6. hi jhihappy new year . you are very creative . i have become fan of yours . i have mailed you bt didnt heard anything back . plz do reply me . i will be awaiting for ur reply . even if u dnt teach give me your contact details wanna speak u once

  7. This card is incredibly beautiful!


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