Monday, February 1, 2010

Second Birthday Party Invitations

This is what I was up to the whole of last week, birthday invitations for the second birthday party for 2 adorable twins. The project involved a lot work but I just loved the end result (yeah I love to praise my own work :P!!), and I am not alone the kids’ parents loved them too (I know I know I should stop blowing my own trumpet now......).

I also learnt a few things along the way, which most of you might already be taking care of but I’ll list them nonetheless, so here goes...
1. Clean your workspace before starting any big project; you don’t want some ink or dirt spoiling your hard work.
2. Clean/Oil your equipment (sewing machine, punches etc) before starting out. These cards involved a lot stitching and midway my sewing machine pooped out. I couldn’t get even an inch of stitching done without the thread breaking multiple times; I tried everything from changing the thread tension to changing the thread itself with no success. Finally I had to clean and oil it thoroughly, after which it ran smooth as silk.
3. Stop work if you are too tired. I almost spoilt atleast 2 cards because I was too exhausted to continue.
4. Sit with proper back support, this especially holds good for people like me who sit at a desk all day (both at work and while crafting)
5. Always take extra prints of photographs etc. If you are like me chances are you will mess up with at least one card.........

Here’s a close up a few of the cards,
This one has Winnie the Pooh
And this one is with Spongebob SquarepantsFor more invitation cards please visit
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  1. Juhi, dats a lot of hard work and it shows!!! just wonder hw u manage the orders with work... someone wanted gift tags sometime bak and i almost took a month to make those teeny weeny things!!! hats off to u girl... good work, well done...

  2. Adorable cards, Juhi! Really. And very good tips too. Sure will be useful for anyone who takes bulk card orders.
    And the stickers... they make me smile... my 3-year old is an avid sticker collector. His cupboard is full of stickers (inside and outside) and he has some of those you've stuck. He'll be happy to see these cards :-)

  3. wow.. thats a lot of work in there.. and awesome work too :)
    Thanks for the tip... if I may add one more.. pl make sure u have enuf foam tape.. or u'd run out of it in the middle of the night like I have now! :P

  4. Wow! How many of those did you make?? I know that stitching takes forever, Good job! I was just saying the other day...crafting is like meditation, right? It does wonders for our patience levels :)

  5. Wow..That sure is lot of the end results!!

  6. Great work!!!! and well said stop working when u tired bcse it really spoils work and waste efforts.

    This has happened with me many a times...

  7. Wow! These really look fabulous Juhi! :)


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