Thursday, May 27, 2010


It is almost 2 am........I'm exhausted but can't sleep....I had been trying to sleep since the last 3 hours, I've given up trying now.......I have to be at work by 8:30 am tmrw :(....anyway its Friday, one drowsy day at work and I can sleep in on to the card I made today. I took almost a whole day to make this one......not because it needed a lot of work but because I just couldn't get it right......I got a huge roll of broad white crochet lace last weekend and was eager to use it....I thought it'll look great on a black and white card......but couldn't think beyond the background.......after two failed attempts with silver glitter glue, which looked like this
(the black paper used for the base turned out to be a total spoil sport....nothing would stick on it, even the glitter glue came off after drying, couldn't stamp on it too, I also tried to make roll some silver ribbon into a flower but failed miserably there too) and if this was not enough I tried making some crochet flowers and they didn't come out well either....this is what I finally made........
It is inspired by Card Patterns sketch #65
Well I'm off to trying to sleep once again.....


  1. I loooooooooooooouuuuuuuveeeeeeeeee your pretty white lace, the gorgeous black bow, the stunnning black background (is it a stamped one?), the flowers and beads, the embossed black and the shaped white behind it, the stitching around the edges ---- uh well, in short everything! :-)

    Super card and well worth losing your sleep :-p !!


  2. luks gorgeous Juhi... u hve a knack of using black and white together very well...

  3. have always liked black and white color combinations. And this one is outstandlingly brilliant. Guess u wanted to sleep badly, so that kindled the ideas for choosing the colors ?? Black signifying the dark night with the full moon (white) colors - yday was Buddha Poornima ;)
    Wow, I tried my own deductions here.
    Must say that this card is a brilliant piece, cherish and keep it with u always. Totally brilliant creation !

  4. well I must say after so many attempts what came out finally is brilliant :))

    Just as Smita everything about...I am too lazy to type all that again ... :))

    I hope u and Smita dont mind me using Smita's comment to praise ur work :))


  5. Oh my! Glad you didn't give up Juhi! This is one spectacular card! I love the elegant feel of the the textures you've created...this is one classy card! :)

  6. who says u went wrong. that awesome card says u can never go wrong.

  7. The lace is awesome!!!... and so is the card!.. srsly.. no kidding!
    dont worry abt the failed attempts.. but u no wt?.. the silver glue is still lukin pretty.. y dont you cut arnd it when its dry and make ur own flourishes?..
    but the flowers DO luk gud to me!!.. and the card turned out to be awesome!!

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