Thursday, July 29, 2010


i am not really happy with this one, but I don't have time to try out anything else........The stamp is an Inkadinkado stamp......the stamped image is inspired by this.......
So much green reminds me of Mussoorie, where my husband grew up.
Mussoorie is a picturesque hill town in the foot hills of the Himalayas in north India, we visited the place in the second week of July (July is usually a monsoon month with incessant rain and hail storms but we were fortunate to see nothing of that). I want to share a few pictures of the place........

It is a popular tourist destination in the summers for north Indians.....but I have the good fortunate of exploring the place like a local........While in Mussoorie we occupy ourselves with longs walks in the wilderness (where tourists don't venture) and just sitting and staring at the snow capped peaks in the distance. It must have been great growing up in such a place!
Oh I almost forgot to mention this card mention this card is inspired by card patterns sketch #74

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  1. Wow!.. i like the card!.. the stamp is cute and the flower is amazing! .. oh wow!!.. i love all the pics!!.. they are awesome! :)

  2. hey it a real pretty card..... cant imagine u not being happy with it!! :)

  3. This card is super awesome and love those pics!!!

  4. You come out with amazing work. I,ve been to Muusorie. Its beautiful!

  5. I think it looks great Juhi! Love all the pretty embellies and stamping! :)

  6. I am wondering why you didn't like it... really pretty card!

    And I looooooooooove the Mussoorie pics. I have never been there but DH has and I have been eating his head asking to take me northwards :-)

    But yes, your green card reminds me of Kerala, where I grew up (couldn't get greener!)


  7. Gorgeous card Juhi! I love all the greens. And what wonderful photos you've shared, looks like some amazing scenery there.

  8. Nice pics of Mussorie :)
    The green color is totally refreshing, awesome ribbon, I can see that u have used it inside the card you gifted me as well.
    The stamp, the centre flower piece with tiny butterflies are fabulous. Gr8 card and one full of verve!

  9. gorgeous cards!! & yeah all the places in himalayas are loaded with clouds in monsoons!!

  10. Why didnt you like the card??I think its so pretty..loved the background!!

  11. Superb Green cards and mind blowing pics of Mussoorie... By the way Green is my favorite color



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