Monday, July 5, 2010


Pink is my favorite color, along with black n white.....some more paper doilies (I am going overboard with them :P), I have inked and glittered the edges (what looks like tiny specs of dirt at the edges is actually glitter, it looks much better on the card).
The background for this one has been embossed using Fiskars Texture Plates with my cuttlebug (I spritzed the paper with water first, the sandwich I used was (bottom to top) - 'A' plate, mouse pad, Fiskars Texture Plate, paper to be embossed, 'C' plate, a piece of card-stock).
Both the cards have been inspired by Card Patterns sketch #71

Thanks for looking!


  1. Loved the pink cards!! The highlighted Red ribbon in second card looks awesome!

    I have doilies with me since long, but somehow could never use them on my creations!! Going to try again after inking them.. :D

  2. they are gorgeous Juhi... love the doilies... very delicate...

  3. Pretty pink cards can brighten up anyone's day... and you have just brightened mine! Lovely work :-)

    pssst: I got hold of a couple of doilies over the weekend and my mom told me where I can find more (but I can't go there in the rains :-( )


  4. I've never seen anything like this - thank you so much for sharing. Lovely work.

  5. Pinkie pinkie .. very cute cards :)
    The paper in the first card's background is just awesome ! Great creations, Juhi!

  6. sooo cute!!.. i love those doilies! :)

  7. Juhi the dollies are lovely! Where do you them from?
    I liked the first car with the marble paper. look just gorgeous!
    Am always awed by your work!! :)

  8. Pink is my favorite color too. Thanks for playing along at Card Patterns. :)

  9. uuuhhh i love the first card...colors are adorable.

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