Friday, August 6, 2010

Black and Red

Black is my favorite (this has a lot to do with me looking thin in black outfits :P)........I guess black and red go
great together.
I made this for a friend who shares her birthday with me (that's right my birthday is coming up real soon and I have something else to share related to that....) 
The card is inspired by the the sketch at JC's Challenge blog..........she has started the first card challenge blog in India.......
Thanks for visiting!!! 


  1. lol!.. i love black too!.. don;t know why though! :)
    The card looks amazing!.. love the colour combi.. it's looking so good!.. and that stamp looks familiar! ;)

  2. Me loves black and red. black with any other color for that matter! Beautiful card..and when's the big day? tell tell!

  3. lovely card cos black and red is always a hit and when is the great day?

  4. Lovely card Juhi! As usual you've come up with a stunner! :) Love the black paper. Was it embossed?? Thanks for playing along CraftyJC Challenge.

  5. Amazing color combination :) Awesome is the word ! Black and red, flowers, three stitched squares :) very very pretty card ! Lucky gal, Ritu :)

  6. You are right Juhi!! Black does go so well with red!! Your card is awesome!!

  7. The card is toooo nice.. loved the colors and that red button!


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