Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is all I got........

I did shop for a lot of other stuff, but this is the only craft stuff I got cause we were so busy site seeing and also because Italy is really really expensive! So all I got was a few sheets of gorgeous paper from Florence.......each sheet costed me 2 euros that's almost 130 Indian rupees!!!
I also got some print paper napkins........which I now realize are pretty tricky to work with.......


  1. hi juhi,very pretty papers ,but sure r expensive...hey i have a very nice trick to use tissue papers...what tou have to do is remove the extra layers of the tissue(normally they come in 3-4 ply) take out the printed paper carefully and take some cling film (transparent film used for wrapping sandwiches) or paper foam (i.e the material used by tailors in making neck of suits)and on an ironing board first place the film or paper foam and then the tissue and iron it hard ,but make sure that your iron does not touch the cling film directly as it is plastic and will stick to your doing the the tissue gets a very good hold and the material becomes thick...try it and let me know how it worked...enjoy

  2. wow!.. pretty expensive.. but soo gorgeous!.. love your shopping!.. :).. try putting the tissue on some canvas and cover it with glue and water paste.. and fray the edges.. it looks fab!.. :)

  3. ...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmarvelous stuff!!! I love things like that! Love to see what you do with them!

  4. love those printed tissues... try removing the extra ply of the tissue, and with the single layer try decoupage with glue-n-gloss... u cn trim around flowers... apply a thin layer of glue-n-gloss with a brush and then hand draw/paint leaves, branches etc to complete the look... works fab!!! luks like even the flower is handdrawn becoz it complete gels with the background...


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