Thursday, January 13, 2011

Craft Supplies from the US

This post is especially for my crafty friends from India. I do keep getting a lot of queries about where I order my craft supplies from. I am going to try and answer all of them in this post. This post is based on my limited knowledge, incase I have missed out anything or given wrong info please do let me know.
Most of the time that I have ordered from the US I have got it delivered in the US itself. The online stores from which I have ordered atleast once are:
1.    -
Pros: Free shipping within US for orders above 50$
20% discount on mrp of all scrapbooking supplies all the time
Cons: They do not ship internationally.

Pros: Some great deals especially on patterned paper
Cons: High shipping cost and they also do not ship to India

Pros: Great deals on stamps.
They ship to India.
Free shipping within US on orders above 60$, great international shipping rates too.
Cons: Couldn't find any.

Pros: Have great deals on Provocraft/Cuttlebug products.
Competitive shipping costs.
Cons: Many products are out of stock.

Pros: Have good deals on inks and stamps.
They ship internationally.
Cons: High shipping cost.

Pros: All Hero Arts and Tim Holtz products are available.
They ship internationally with great shipping rates (13$ for orders upto 100$ and 15$ for orders between 100 and 150$).
Free shipping within the US on orders above 70$.
Cons: Products are almost always sold on mrp.

Out of these I have ordered from 3 and 5 to India. Please do share your experiences in ordering supplies from the US.


  1. thanks for sharing this info (

  2. Thank you so much for the info.. it will be really useful!

  3. hey thanks so much. I have ordered from paperdreamstore and . Both ship fast.

  4. I have used They have all products and always gr8 deal and 3$ flat shipping. dont rem other details but i rem the good disc ;) creative express is also good but need to be smart and compare prices. Agreed on ohmycrafts for provo stuff. Gr8 deals and if u r late in ordering it mite go out of stock. never tried any shipping to india coz of high cost. can u let me know which ones u tried to ship to india and ho was the cost n experience?

  5. Amazing piece of information!!! thanks a million :):)

  6. thanks for the great info Juhi... wud be a big help... i have tried twopeas once but shipping within US...

  7. Thank you so much Juhi! So, now I have to find someone who can ship stuff from US to India;)

  8. Thanks for listing them down, Juhi!! Its such a big help!!

    I ordered once from 2peas to india but the shipping was quite high!!

  9. Good post Juhi. So far the few companies that I have ordered from are Luxe Designs (they've closed down now), Maya Road, PTI and MSE stamps. I've had wonderful experiences with all of them. Usually I get the items delivered to my cousins place in the US and he brings it to India. I've never shipped stuff directly to India.

  10. I was planning on doing the same post myself..only I was planning to create another blog for this..lets see, I might just use this info you gave and use it too, if its ok with you...we need this info badly...Thanks for doing this!


  11. hey juhi...thanks for sharing the info...i generally hve ordered all my supplies from customcrops and got it delivered in US itself and then when have someone coming down they get it for me...I have never tried international shipping ( im too sceptical of customs issues and also very high shiiping costs)

  12. Thanks so much for sharing Juhi. I have ordered from Addicted to Rubberstamps too. I have also orderd internationally from They are very good with service. Ritzcamera is another good site.Their prices are quite good. Another site worth checking out for dies is scappingcottage. Their stuff is adorable.

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  14. Juhi Thanks . I order my pro-craft folders from OH my craft , am happy with their price.


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