Friday, September 9, 2011

Butterfly Award

I got this Butterfly Blog Award from 2 talented ladies, Karuna and Tejal......Thanks so much gals!
There are some rules to follow so here they are:
Answer several questions. Award the 'Butterfly Award' to other bloggers
Contact the bloggers to let them know they have received this award
Put a link to the person who gave you the 'Butterfly Award' in the post.
Q1) Name your favorite color?  Black

Q2) Name your favorite song? Depends on my mood

Q3) Name your favorite dessert? Fresh fruit flavored gelato

Q4) What worries you off at the moment? Will I be able to balance work, home, being a mum and still find time to craft? and ofcourse will I be able to get back in shape after the baby comes along :P

Q5) Your favorite pet? Dogs (though I've never had any :( )

Q6) Black or White? Black

Q7) Your biggest fear? Will I be a good mom?

Q8) Best feature? My smile I guess

Q9) Everyday attitude? As of now it is "take each day at a time"

Q10) What is perfection?  Being at peace with myself.

Q11) Guilty pleasure? Shopping for craft supplies n handbags, can't resist either :P

Q12) When you're upset you? loads of things like - Sulk, talk it out with my friends/sister/mom, go on a shopping spree, craft (it helps me get my mind off stuff), read any book by Roald Dahl (he's my favorite author).

I would like to pass this award to:

Now to a card I made last week, I loved this card so much that I landed up CASEing my own card :P.
Have a great weekend (I can hardly wait for mine to begin!)


  1. Thanks for thinking of me girl :) though with the sporadic nature of my crafting I hardly qualify for this :)

    You will be a wonderful mom. The best your baby can ever ever ask for. Don't forget that :) Take care, pamper yourself.. just another 3 mos to go huh! :)

    And I loved your case of your card. LOVED the colours.. beautiful

  2. Thanks Juhi! :)

    And don't worry, you will be the perfect mom! Guess every woman worries about this before baby is born.... and almost 5-6 years later, people like me are screaming their lungs out at that very baby :-p trying to decide who is more 'perfect' - kiddo or mom ;-)!
    Love your card! Just saw the blue one too.. that heart stamp is a darling :) loved it!! and those rolled flowers too - wow! what a die!


  3. Thanks for the award girl!loved your blue one , and this one tooo... the heart stamp steals the show... do you mind if i case this card?

  4. Thanks Juhi for thinking about me and your card is as usual lovely and the flowers are gorgeous.And will be a GREAT just don´t healthy and happy.Hugs,Archana.

  5. hi juhi,
    i have been peeking in your blog for some time now ,sorry was not able to leave a comment...just want to say though that i really love your work,you have a distinctive style which i really like .loved your this card too and congrats on being a expectant mom:)

  6. Lovely! Great job! :D Hope I get the butterfly blog award so I can pass it on! :D

  7. thankyou juhi di .. thanx a ton ..

  8. This is gorgeous!! You need to put a better picture..
    And don't worry, you'll be a fab mommy!! and if you ever feel like your kid isn't listening to you.., send him/her over to me..they'll suddenly respect you even more!! :)
    All my nieces and nephews are scared of my and my husband!! :)

  9. ohhhh !! I am not in the list u invited :( I would have also loved to answer questions and invite few others :(

  10. hi Juhi.... first of all congratulations.... U might not know me as we haven't interacted but when I spoke abt my pregnancy(currently in my 4th month) every other blogger spoke about u and so I came searching for this talented blogger who is in the same state as me.... I love ur card and will be coming back to check out all ur posts when I have more free time....

    Have a grt day and all the best!!!


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