Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Boy Birthday Mini Album

I made this before Kriti was born (yeah we finally decided on a name last week), Kriti means "beautiful
creation" in Hindi.
Absolutely love how the album turned out.......

it has tons of tags, pockets n fold out which are best viewed on the video.
And here is Kriti fast asleep just before her bath.
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  1. The album is fantastic.... Love the amount of space u have left for journaling... And Kriti is an amazing name and she is adorable.. You get time to craft with her... My niece doesn't let me breathe leave aside giving me time to craft...!!

  2. CONGARTULATIONS JUHI For your New Bundle of Joy!!!She is ADORABLE!!!And I love the Name 'KRITI'.I gave this name to my 1st neice.
    Your mini album is fabulous.Love all the lil elements you have added.

  3. This is sooo beautiful! I just loved it! But frankly all your creations take a back seat before this adorable doll. She is heavenly sweet and for a creative mom like you, a beautiful KRITI is well deserved!

  4. Awww..Kriti is so adorable and I loved the name. And regarding the mini album..I got no's simply awesome!

  5. Awee...Kriti is so adorable :) God bless her!

    I love the album, lots of ideas there and I am gonna surely use some of them in my baby's album :)

  6. OMG !! Its just fabulous . So much of efforts for every page!
    Great job dear.

  7. Adorable baby Kriti !
    very well crafted it:)

  8. Kriti is adorable and the name is sweet!! the album is awesome!

  9. Awesome album Juhi :) So happy to know that you have named your little bundle of joy - Kriti! Sweetoo kid she is !

    Loved the twined loop fringes in pic 3. Yes, the video reveals huge amount of effort that has gone into making such a beautiful piece.

  10. Awesome! Just like alwayz :)
    Very creative and nice ideas in your album. Seems lots of hard effort has gone into this..

    Congratulations for the naam karan !
    Kriti - As beautiful as the name :)
    God Bless her!

  11. FAaabulous!!! I love Kriti's name!! adorable!!
    and the album...way amazing...I love the color scheme of the whole book!! simply awesome!!
    ps. need some help ...will be mailing you soon! :)

  12. OMG..what a beautiful are very creative and your baby girl is so adorable...

  13. Aww!.. She is soo cute! *touch wood*
    And Kriti is a beautiful name! :D

    The scrapbook is awesome!.. LOVE all the elements and the fab colours! :D

  14. Kriti is adorable (and so is her name) :) Glad I dropped by here... else I wouldn't have seen such a cute snap!! Big hugs to her!

    Lovely lovely album!!


  15. molto carino quello che fai mi piace tanto brava ,passa da me

  16. Hi Juhi.. All your albums are wonderful..How do make a album.. You buy and album and decorate it.. Or punch the holes in the card and spiral binding it.

  17. hi juhi, there are so many wonderful creations. you have creative ideas. i,m also got some ideas from your creations. good luck


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