Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My first explosion box

 I made this a while back......made it on request for Khushboo and Jwalant's engagement..... It measures 5x5 inches and has 3 layers to put pictures and personal messages,
the engagement ring will be kept in the box in the center. It involved so much effort that I'm not sure if I'll attempt another one (might try smaller one with no layers)!
Take a look at the video if want a detailed view of the box

.......thanks for visiting!


  1. I saw this earlier on youtube... This is absolutely wonderful... !!!Love love love the details...!!

  2. FUNDOOOOOOOO .. I don't even know what to leave as a comment. Super awesome .. Juhi, wine tastes better with age and you are turning super super awesome and unbelievable with time. :)

  3. oh wow this looks like a lot of work ...saw your video and the details are just amazing!! your box looks so beautiful!!

  4. your box sure involved some detailed work ..awesome!

  5. hey Juhi,

    I just sent you an email in the afternoon to both the contact Ids you've listed on your site. Please reply asap. Thank you.


    Jay Prashanth

  6. Amazing !!! Loved it :)

  7. This sure doesnt look like your first!! It's so gorgeous!! Have you printed the text on the PPs?


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