Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Girl Mini Album

Hello everyone, I have been MIA for quite some time, mainly because I have been crafting night and day (n ofcourse taking care of Kriti).....I have been working on so many orders lately that I feel I need a break from "crafting on request" for some time, more so as I have resumed my regular day job. I want to spend after work hours with my daughter......anyway I have a whole lot of projects to share.....I am going to start with this baby girl mini album that I absolutely love.....

Please watch the video for more details
The theme for this month at the lulupu blog is stamping, please visit the blog for some amazing stamping technique tutorials throughout this month, they also have a stamping challenge going on, you can find the details here.


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Loved each page.

  2. So very cute Juhi! And hats off to you for finding the time to craft plus take custom orders plus work plus young child plus plus....:) Wishing you lots of energy and fun times!

  3. Wowie ... awesome work... love fairy and castle concepts :) As always Juhi rocks, superb scrapbook !!

  4. WOW!!!I just love your style of making scrapbooks JUHI!!!You make it look so simple and easy.This is just gorgeous!!!Loved each and every page.
    Hugs to you and kisses to lil Kriti

  5. HEy Juhi!! As usual very sweet album.Loved every small detail you have added to it.Great work!!

  6. Juhi, love all the pages and the embellishments. I am a big fan of all your mini albums, really really inspiring, I just hope to start one sooner :)


  7. Wowsie.. this is certainly very very pretty :) super cute.. How is lil Kriti?? Started work?

  8. wow beautiful Juhi... no words... every page is so so lovely... love that fairy....

  9. Outsanding creation Juhi. I dropped by as I have just posted the pics of my daughter's scrapbook on the Itsy Bitsy Blog. Methinks I should've seen these before to get more inspiration. Particularly love the page with the bow on the bottom.


    1. Thanks so much Sunehra.....just checked out ur book, it is so lovely, I want to make something like for my little girl.

  10. Hi, I absolutely love, love, love it!!!! Please tell me how can I place an order for one of these for my little girl? Amazing! :-) thnx Paja

  11. Awesome :) Love it to the core..Wonderful Creation:)


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