Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Handmade Cards for Eid

I made these cards on request, am really happy with how they tunrned out, I've used some beautifully textured handmade paper on both. The sentiment is computer generated.
These cards can be ordered in bulk, please email me for any queries.
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  1. Wow very pretty papers and colour combinations :)

  2. hey,

    these are really nice, very apt colours for Eid...

  3. love the papers and what amazing color combo juhi... Super work!!

  4. wow...lovely and gorgeous color combo

  5. Wow, nice :) Very nice, I loved the first one lots :) The color combination in the first one- rust with green is superb. Nice, very nice !

  6. Wao.. you have executed the eid theme card so well.. perfect.. so ethnic and elegant.. totally loved it.. You very well know how to make traditional handmade cards...
    I hope you are making some rakhi cards too..

    Take care,

  7. Look so ethnic and elegant...I will use along with Gift Card envelopes soon.

  8. The presentation of greeting cards has become a major part of the tradition of Eid Ul-Fitr and with a few supplies and simple techniques, you can actually create them on your own. Read on to discover how you can create wonderful Eid Ul-Fitr cards.TeddyBär XXL


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