Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A dressed up tin

Hello everyone, here's what I made for the Itsy Bitsy Blog, head over to the Itsy Bitsy blog for all the details and a tutorial.
Do spare some time and participate in this month's Pristine Sparkle Challenge.


  1. Just stumbled upon the blog.Nice collection. But please change the format. I cannot read anything with this background and the font it too small. The format of font and background is just a put off .

  2. Same here Juhi. Your chosen font is making it difficult to read....please change this.

    Anyway you tin is beautiful.......

  3. Such a magical and dreamy tin! :)

  4. The next time I meet you, will give you a carton full of coke and sprite tins ... you can dress, decorate and upcycle all of them :)


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