Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Handmade Rakhi cards for 2014

I just searched my blog and discovered that I hadn't made any Rakhi cards in the last couple of years and wouldn't have made any this year too if an old customer hadn't coaxed me into making some. Took me one whole Sunday of playing with colors and handmade patterned papers to come up with these......
All cards come with detachable Rakhis
These are my rakhi cards from previous years

Here's one way you can make your own Rakhi


  1. Wow !!Your rakhi cards are just beautiful Juhi ..I love your choice of colors so vibrant and perfect for this occasion !!

  2. oh.is too good...beautiful colours.........

  3. love the colours and the elegant look. ju awed by it, perfect in every way for the season. The detachable rakhi looks great. did u maka dos rakhis too?

  4. Such vibrant colours! I love the project; you have done a great job. I love making cards too. It's been my hobby for a long time. I look for more projects and try them out. Recently, I have found this amazing book. You must a have a look!


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