Monday, May 9, 2016

Altenew Mother's Day Card

Hello everyone! A very Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Moms out there. It's already Monday over here in Singapore. My Mother's Day was really special, my 4 year old daughter gifted me a fan and a canvas bag with her artwork on them. She made them at school with her teachers' help, hid it and gave it to me on Sunday morning. I was so touched, this is first time she has gifted me something :)
mother's day gift by my 4 year old
I made this card for my mum.
Mother's Day Card using #altenew stamps and inks
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  1. Wow...i know it is so touching when kids go extra mile to pamper us...such a lovely canvas bag by her and Kriti's handwriting is good yaar... and last but not least your card is soo soo beautiful..looks like i should buy some altnew stamps.. ;).

  2. Aww...that's so cool and cute!! <3 ANd your card is absolutely stunning!! :)
    Suchi xx


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