Sunday, September 10, 2017

DIY Easy Thumbprint Cards

Hello, everyone! Today I am sharing something different, something fun, something that does not need any fancy craft supplies.
I'm sharing a couple of thumbprint cards, these are super quick and easy to make. They are a fun activity to do with your child. They are best made by little fingers, but since my little person was at school I landed up doing this on my own, and I had so much fun!!!

Here's what you need to make these:

  • White cardstock or chart paper
  • Sketch markers
  • Inkpads in 2-3 colors, acrylic paint will also do.
The steps are self-explanatory. 
Begin by drawing 2 straight lines with a green marker.
Ink up the tip of one of your fingers with a color of your choice and stamp twice at the top of the green line.
Continue stamping on the 2 sides of the green stem ensuring that you ink up after stamping each time.
You can begin with the tip of your fingers and move on to stamping with more finger area for bigger petal sizes.
Stamp as many flower stems as you want.
You can finish it off with a bumble bee. Stamp in yellow with your thumb and add details with a black marker.
 To finish the card, trim the white cardstock panel to fit your cardstock base. To create a blue cardstock base, I used the same blue ink and rubbed it along the edges of the white card stock base and stuck the stamped panel with double sided foam tape.

Here's another easy floral thumbprint card idea. I think you got the idea, the steps are self-explanatory.
 I followed the same process as the first one to finish the card. You can also add a sentiment if you like.
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. The possibilities are endless!


  1. I remember doing it in school much fun !Loved your cards :)

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