Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crochet Flowers!!!!

I have been too busy this week. So won’t be able to try out this week’s card patterns sketch :( . I really look forward to working on a new sketch every week as it gives me an opportunity to try out something new each time, besides I absolutely looooooooooove to receive comments from all of you. I have the design for this week’s sketch all worked out in my head but have no time to put it on paper. I am going to try it out as soon as possible.
This week I will have to console myself by putting up some cards I had made sometime back. A couple of weeks ago Card Patterns weekly sponsor was Paper Blooms Etsy shop, which is owned by Leah Cornelius. Leah offers unique hand crocheted blooms in a variety of styles and colors. I fell in love with the pretty crochet flowers and decided to give it a try myself.
Making the flowers was easy I tried different colors and threads and found that flowers made out of pearl cotton look the best. I used wool to make bigger flowers. I am delighted with the results, now I can embellish my cards with different kinds of crocheted flowers.
This card has been made using paper from old wedding invitation cards. This crochet flower is easy to make, it takes me approx 10 mins to make one flower.
The red flower in this card is made of wool, it is easier to work with wool as compared to pearl cotton, but the pearl cotton flowers look more delicate. I have added quilled leaves and paper flowers also. The paper flowers have been made from folding punched circles in the middle and sticking them in the shape of a flower. I have placed a smaller crochet flower on top of a bigger flower to create a flower with 2 layers for this card. The bottom row of flowers has been cut out from a lace.
I have pasted a crocheted flower and some bling on patterned paper for this one.


  1. If you hadn't been so busy this week, these pretty cards wouldn't have got a chance to enter the hall of fame.
    Good for them :-)

    The flowers are very pretty and I really wonder how each one can be made in just 10 mins of time :-0

    All the best for next week, and hope you are able to materialize this week's idea which is jumping in your head and dying to be put on paper :-)


  2. Just Wow!!!!!!!!!!!Great!!!!!!!!!


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