Monday, April 27, 2009

Selling Handmade Cards in India

A local book store has agreed to sell my cards.....yippeeeeee. I am very excited..... In case you did not know this is a real big deal in India, at least in Bangalore because most people here have no clue about handmade cards.
I visited many shops with a few sample cards before finalizing on this shop, all the shopkeepers/managers loved the cards but had no idea about the craft so they offered very low prices.
The branch manager of the shop I decided on seemed interested in the craft so even though he also did not give me a very great price I decided to go with him.
I do hope people in Bangalore like my cards......
Everyone from Bangalore visiting my blog...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do visit
Sapna Book House
No. 2725, 80 Feet Road (Opposite Chinmaya Krishna Temple)
Indira Nagar
Ph: (080) 40455999
plzzzzzzzzz ask your friends in Bangalore to visit too......I am not asking you to buy anything......I will be delighted even if you just go and take a look....... :)


  1. Way to go!!!

    Congrats! Wish I was in Bangalore I would have seen all those lovely looking cards for real.

    A very nice start. All the best and keep going.


  2. Congrats...I will make it a point to check the cards for sure :)You are sure gonna be an inspiration to lot of people in India.
    This is the first time I am in ur site and in love.

  3. heya... i need ur help!... altho m in delhi... m just like u... i mean wid da creations and all... even tho m just 16, id rly rly rly love to sell my creations... plz help me how to go abt it... as i dun even know how to start!

  4. Hi Juhi Mam,
    U r very right that selling handmade cards in India is a pretty tedious task........Even I have confronted with this problem here in Lucknow, but somehow managed to find a shop who used to buy my cards in around 60/- each....

  5. gr8 also into card making. i am looking for some creative card on rainy season with mushrooms,frogs,umbrellas,clouds and rain.


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