Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Made to Order

I designed this card for a colleague who wanted to gift a birthday card to his wife from his twin babies (how sweet is that!). The babies are 7 months old (a boy and a girl). I have used my favorite corrugated cardboard and have stitched along the edges too!!
The colors are blue and pink for the baby boy and baby girl. I plan to write the name of the children on the tags on the top right corner.
Thanks for visiting!!


  1. very cute:) how sweet, one boy one girl...
    well done...

  2. The card absolutely shouts 'cuteness'!Love it, wonderful effort :)

  3. Hey Juhi... this is such a lovely card... I'm visiting your blog after quite a while and I see that you've come a long long way already ;-)... I love your sewing machine... I have been eying them for a while too... Maybe soon ;-)

  4. Thanks Juhi for making wonderful card for me at such a short notice. It was very cute n lovely card.


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