Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thank You

I am not able to find time for crafting these days :(. Somehow managed to make this simple “Thank You” card last night....Shalini from Craft Curry had posted a beautiful decoupage jar last week. I have been trying to post a comment on her blog since then but somehow I am not able to enter the word for word verification; after many futile attempts I decided to mail my comments to her but I could not find her email id on her blog. I guess others might be facing the same problem, so Shalini if you read this please let me know how I can post comments on your blog.

Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Hey lovely card...beauty in simplicity!

  2. Hei Juhi... very elegant card... love it! the embossed paper is awesum...

    It was really sweet of you to bring the posting fault to my notice... Thanks! its now fixed and is waiting anxiously to know how did u find the jar!


  3. Simply superb :) Blue and white makes a beautiful sight :) I dont find embossed papers in the market.. Where to get ?


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