Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A customized card

This is the most customized card I have ever made.......I enjoyed making it cause even though the lady who ordered this was very specific about what should be written and also about some other stuff she let me do the rest.
This has been made as a maze book with 6 pages (excluding the cover) and measures 9.5x9.5 inches.
This is the cover, the alphabets for "friend" and "love" are cuttlebug diecuts. The others are stamped using my newest stamp set, which is a Hero Arts alphabet stamp set.....I'm in love with it :)
This is what the 2nd n 3rd pages look like......there is space to put a picture on the 3rd page......have put a few tags to write messages.
This is page number 4....have some stamping n masking.
Page number 5...the rectangles on the right edge open up to reveal messages.
Page number 6 and 7.
I have tried to give a party look on page 6. page 7 has handmade jigsaw puzzles inside the envelopes. This is what the jigsaw puzzle looks like.

The name has been written using Tim Holtz alphabet masks, just love them.....but I have a huge problem with storing them, I keep losing them.......I actually lost 3 alphabets ('c', 'o' and 'h'), one moment they are on my desk n the next moment they disappear into thin air!! I spent almost an hour looking for them with no luck (I was able to find 2 of them the next day, but my 'c' is still missing :( ), any suggestions how this can be avoided?
Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh MY God, Juhi!! You are such a pro with these albums and maze books!! I wonder how you do them... gorgeous... I loved every single thing about it...


  2. And yes, the new look of the site too.... super!

  3. the book looks beautiful!!.. i think i have mentioned it before nut i love the new look of your blog too!..
    the jigsaw puzzle is soo innovative!..
    For the tim holtz mask.. i saw jennifer mcguire use these with acrylic paints and the paint didn't wash off after that.. you can also try tinting these with some permanent ink.. as transparencies are pretty easy to get lost! :)

  4. This is awesomely amazing!! I love creating such books.. but the details you add to them is simply stunning!! I have a lot to learn from you :D Thanks :D

  5. Wow! That requires some patience! It's gorgeous :)

  6. amazing!!! loved the whole book..u have got hands on some pretty good crafting stuff i must say!! jealous of u!! LOLLLL

  7. oh BTW!! i luv that zoo zoo cutting... I m a zoo zoo fan :D

  8. wow juhi its amazing.ssing you, my hands are itching to try a maze book.

  9. Awesome Juhi. Great piece of work, when are you going to make one for yourself, to post your photos/messages/notes etc?
    I loved the front outer cover, all pages - esp pages 6 and 7. Loved the jigsaw puzzle part, very neatly done and looks fundoo.

  10. This is awesome. I love the jigsaw puzzle page & those zoozoos & a tree. I think u should post some tutorials on how to make it. Have a lovely day!


  11. visiting ur blog after a long time..awesome work!also love the new look of ur site.


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