Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Experiments in Fabric

I thought I was making my card based on Card Patterns sketch #70 (I had seen the sketch only once)......but it turns out that I have mixed up sketches #69 and # 70...........anyway I had fun making it......
I have been thinking about using some kind of fabric in my cards lately, and yesterday I finally got hold of some fabric scraps (from my sister who has an abundance of these as she designs her own outfits).
The background and the flowers are made from a traditional Indian cotton fabric known as Kalamkaari.......
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  1. Really lovely textures on this Juhi! Love your fabric blooms! :)

  2. The card is stunning Juhi!I love the fact that you added and Indian essence to your card!

  3. This is soooo lovely... :) The colours look amazing. I love using fabric on my creations. I generally harden them using fevicol n water before use, Do you use something to make them stiff?

  4. wow!.. Its rly pretty!.. nice fabrics! :)

  5. Wow Juhi!! It's beautiful..


  6. Awesome Juhi! The other day I was thinking that now on I won't cry for imported materials for card making. I'll utilize whatever is available here and Bang! u are here with Kalamkari fabric in your card! It's really looking pretty.

  7. Awesome's the word... I love this card of yours and the beautiful textures.... I saw it in the morning but my comp had decided to conk off today so I had to drop by now to post my comment!


  8. This one, I tell you, is a super dooper card. Great experiment and must say it's a big HIT :)
    Love the card so much, cannot tell you how much!
    Great work and continue to invent !


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