Monday, July 19, 2010

Vintage Instant Book

I am back after a week's break, I had been to Mussoorie (my husband's native place). On the way back I spent a day in Delhi and guess what......I went craft shopping!!! I bought a whole lot of stuff and the entire credit goes to Shalini for telling where to shop.......I envy carfters in Delhi.......the place is a gold mine........but one thing's for sure I don't think I can survive is soooooooooooo hot n humid. I didn't have internet access so couldn't my bloglist.......will do so soon.....
Considering the amount of stuff I got I started crafting within an hour of reaching home...Making an instant book had been on my mind ever since I saw this tutorial.

Here's my take on it......some stamping, masking.....the alphabets were a gift from Yvonne......

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  1. love its vintagy look.... the punchinella luks stunning too ... hope yr stay in Delhi was comfy:) its nt usually this humid here but somehow this year round hs been very very uncomfortable...

  2. i agree!.. stuff here is soo cool and exclusive but the temp. this tym arnd is nt.. :))
    love the vintage book.. and the cute charms and laces look soo awesoem! :)

  3. Wow! Love your vintage book! Great job with the masking! I love that lamp stamp!:)

  4. Truly different, love the vintage look it has. The metallic lace, the lamp stamp, the clock/time masking effect in pic 3, the lace alongside is also colored brilliantly to match it. Awesome creation :) and welcome back to Bangalore !

  5. Thats awesome!! :) loved the detailing !

  6. Really love it...all the different elements work so beautifully over a crafter who loves shopping online for crafty stuff (ok, online browsing would be a better term) I;m dying to see what you got!

  7. Awesome awesome!! Love it totally!! Gorgeous stamps and the lace is just perfect.



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