Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another lovely Birthday Card

This year's birthday turned out to be really really special........I got tons of wishes n some awesome handmade cards, it doesn't get better than this!
This is another lovely handmade card I got from Smita......
 just love the pink n grey color combo........Thanks a lot Smita!
Everyone at home is super impressed with her's n Spardha's work (earlier they thought that I was very good at cardmaking......but now I guess they have their doubts :P)..........


  1. Wow!.. this card is beautiful!.. I soo love the flowers at the bottom! :))

  2. Very pretty card, Juhi :) I loved the color combination, very pleasant.
    Yes, a truly special bday for you with lovely cards for gifts !

  3. Thats a beautiful card.. colour combination is looking good :D

  4. belated happy bday...lovely bday gft


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