Friday, August 13, 2010

Pop-up Accordion Card

 I picked up this card making book from a book store on a whim recently.....though it is a really old edition (2000) n I guess most of the styles shown would be easily available on the net.....but at times its good to have every thing compiled in one place....
...well I like almost all the cards in it and will eventually try out most of them....this is the first one  I tried, hasn't come out too well, but I guess it's ok for a start....

Have a great weekend!!

PS: I made this for a friend whose birthday was last month :( I am always running late


  1. OMG!!! I picked up the same book last week.. Din check the edition, but i was gonna try the same bday candles card this weekend!!! :)

  2. Nice!.. love the candles popping out!.. hehe.. you do that too?.. I thought I wa the only one who sends out gifts late! ;)

  3. I too love picking up books! and its better to remember late than not doing so at all!

  4. wat a fun card to look sure u wud have had double fun in making it...

  5. Beautiful Card. Love the way you've placed the candles.


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