Thursday, November 18, 2010

Up cycled chocolate box

The moment I laid my eyes on this chocolate box (which was gifted to my brother-in-law by his office on the occasion of Diwali) I knew I wanted to up-cycle it..........I forgot to take a picture before the up-cycling (it was a plain corrugated cardboard box) as I was in a big hurry to complete the project cause today's the last day to enter Amy Duff's up-cycling challenge at Yvonne's blog.....
I've used the famous Forrest Gump quote, which I feel is so true and it makes it so much fun too!
This how the box looks with the top flap opened.......
 Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh this is brilliant Juhi! Love how you decorated the corrugated box! It's so pretty now with all the beautiful blooms! And lovely colours! :)

    Thanks so much for playing along! :)

  2. gorgeous box Juhi... love the colors, very fresh!!! and absolutely adore dat quote... its my fave too:)

  3. love those beautiful flowers in lovely bright colors!! And love the quote too!!

  4. wow!.. its beautiful!.. love the quote!.. i couldn't find time for the challenge.. but love what you did! :D

  5. beautiful...loved it...especially the flowers are amazing ...bright and vibrant

  6. soo adorable! I love your flowers :)

  7. love the bright flowers on the card...great work juhi

  8. Beautiful quote, well used, the flowers are so bright that they can make any dull day a superbly colorful one :)
    Awesome work :) Loved the blue paper on which the quote is written and the usage of bold/bright colors :)
    Great.. simply too oooo good :)

  9. Wow great cards you have done there, they are much better than my ones.

    I enjoy making cards as it does add that more personal feel to it.


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