Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wedding Card

This a card to be given by the groom to the bride on the wedding day, how romantic is that! Ours was an arranged marriage and both of us could not care less for each other at that time ;) .......

Thanks for looking!


  1. Aww... this one's sooo extra super duper AWESOME!! :) Its just wonderful ma'am! :)

  2. how sweet is that:) beautiful card and a lovely idea for sure!!!

  3. how romantic..... really beautiful card...

  4. Beautiful! Love the heart stamp. Happy crafting in 2011

  5. Hi!

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts. I love reading through your posts whenever I get the time to do so. You're so passionate about what you write, which is why I've awarded you the Stylish blogger Award. :-)
    I don't know if you accept awards, but if you're interested, check out the following link for more information:

    Enjoy your award!
    -The Creative Muslimah

  6. Lovely lovely and very romantic card. You know what? Ours was an arranged marriage too but I'd told Vineet about my love for things handmade; he had got a card especially made by his friend's wife; she wasn't a blogger but her card was gorgeous with a personalized poem [once upon a time I wrote poetry too {sigh}]... and one day i should post pics of it!

    For your card, I must say that only seeing is believing! The birthday card you sent me was jaw droppingly beautiful! Thank you so much!!

    Wish you and Aridaman a very Happy New Year.


  7. Beautiful work.Red luks awesome.


  8. This is such a lovely card Juhi! The stamp looks so beautiful and neat...where did u get it from?

  9. awwe!.. such a cute card!.. and how sweet of him! :D.. love the flowers!.. :D
    Happy New Year! :D

  10. so romantic.. the card is awesome!! loved it

  11. This is absolutely amazing Juhi!! I love the big heart on the front!!

    Mine is an arranged marriage too and I enjoy the fact that we get to know each other everyday :D

    Thanks for a wonderful card girl!! I received it today and I am so so happy :)

  12. Such a romantic card!!! I love that heart...oh and


    Really? Arranged marriage? Mine wasn't arranged...but we didn't have too much time across continents to be together either. We used to see each other 2 weeks per year or so. And we decided to marry the 2nd time we met. So by the 4th yearly meeting we were celebrating our marriage.

    Nothing much has changed now...I feel like I am a sailor's wife sometimes. I am here since September and haven't seen him...I hardly wait for this month to pass :)

    Hehe...look what you've done with your romantic card!!! :)



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