Monday, December 27, 2010

Almost vintage.....

 I wanted to make a vintage card.......but didn't exactly get the desired effect, but I love it nonetheless! Since I don't have white ink I tried stamping with white acrylic paint, I liked it so much that I stamped on the inside too(which did not come out too well :( )...the tag on top is from a sweater I bought recently.
This card is inspired by Card Patterns sketch #96 and is on its way to a very special friend.....
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  1. lovely card Juhi... love the stamping and the upcycled 'tag'... am sure the friend will love it:)

  2. thats a very pretty card and that stamping is looking grt.

  3. It is lovely!


  4. such a pretty card juhi... the stamping looks great..!

  5. Gr8 card Juhi,loved the stamping.This is the Quality of us INDIANS,we manage so well even without the appropriate resources and can compete with the world .

  6. very innovative use of acrylic paints...lovely card juhi

  7. your stamping with white turned out quite nice! I do have a white stamp pad but it doesn't really work as I expected it to... on the other hand I bought the Sakura Glaze white gel pen and it does wonders! But that's only if you write with it or do faux stitching...

    Your card does look vintage...with a bit of whimsy maybe :)... it looks really nice and I love how you used the sweater tag!!!


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