Friday, September 7, 2012

I recently came across an interesting site called, it is a platform to share and discover all things Indian. It could be anything, from places to eat to art/home decor products, gadgets anything you can (or cannot) think of. You can collect and group things that interest you or browse what others have shared. All entries come with a link to the website and location, which comes in handy if you are looking for something specific in your city (only major Indian cities covered here though).
It is more like an Indian version of Pinterest with an added feature of sharing and browsing current trends especially in the fashion/home decor space specific to your city + it is not banned in my office while Pinterest is :P
I found sharing sites on the portal to be extremely easy and its super fun and addictive to browse what others have shared. I found some really interesting stuff on like this gorgeous paper flower vase
and this bright and happy mat
or this cute Owl stuffed toy.
I also found some of my favorite crafter's blogs also featured on it.
Images via 3mik and copyrighted to the brand owners. 


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