Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

How ironic, I am posting a mother's day card at 5 am in the morning because my daughter will not let me sleep...now that I am a mother, I realize how difficult (and extremely frustrating at times) it can be to be one!
Crafting has become almost impossible now, I can only do so after Kriti has slept, which means I can only start after 11 pm. I crafted well after 12 am last night, now I am up since 4 am and I have busy day at work ahead.............aaagghhhh!
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  1. very beautiful card Juhi!!

  2. Wow ! I loved the colors a lot ! fab take on challenges .All the Best !

  3. Beautiful card Juhi ..love the colors you have used ..Parenting does have some tough days but I am sure once Kirti grows up a little more not only will she support you she will be right beside you crafting and helping you out :)

  4. beautiful. love the colors and tiny butterflies.

  5. pretty card Juhi and I so agree with Hussena. She will surely lend a helping hand to you once she grows up! :)

  6. lovely card Juhi.... love ur take on the PDC colours.
    Thanks for visiting my blog Juhi, means a lot to me.
    i agree with Hussena, am a mom of 2 very small kids, i have crossed many a frustrating moments, it passes by though.

    Thanks again


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