Monday, May 13, 2013

Over the top birthday explosion box

Since I don't get to craft much these days, I'll just share some of the projects I made in the last year but couldn't share. Maintaining a blog requires a lot of effort, it seems that I can either craft or blog about it or read and comment on the blogs of my crafty pals.....I am incapable of doing all the three things at the same time :(. I would love to know how you (all my friends from the blogosphere) manage to craft and blog about it at the same time.
I went overboard while making this birthday explosion box.
Here's a view from the top.
Making the circular layered cake was a challenge for me and it turned out a tad too tall, don't you think so?

Here's a link to the you tube video, for some weird reason I am not able to embed it in this blog-post. Please forgive the background noise, mostly my daughter and husband.
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  1. This looks fantastic Juhi.. Am off to see the video!

  2. New look of your blog looks nice! Loved this colorful explosion box !

    1. Just saw the video ,Its fantastic !Nice you did the video, can see the details very clearly and in motion !!

  3. Nice one Juhi. It doesnt look overboard to me. Its nice and colorful. Yeah sometimes easy things seem tough. I was also making a square cake for one of my boxes and it took me so much time to get it right.

  4. Its a gorgeous Explosion box Juhi . so many tiny and beautiful details here ...And believe me its a struggle to craft ,blog and do commenting every day and it takes a lot of effort..but I think its my addiction to blogland which keeps me going :) ..I am off to see your video now I am sure it will be a visual treat for sure !!!

  5. its a gorgeous box juhi. what is its price? i have emailed you regarding a custom order. please check and lemme know the price for this one.

  6. my email id is

  7. Super Super Super ... if you have this, no need for any other gift on a Bday ... not even a cake :) Wonderful ... I hate having left SISO ... not getting my share of your stuff nowadays :(


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