Thursday, March 6, 2014

Convert an ordinary paper bag into a Party Favor bag

We celebrated our daughter Kriti's second birthday in December last year. She was very keen on a Mickey Mouse and friends themed birthday party; the birthday cake had to feature Donald Duck, as blue is her favorite color.
Since the theme was decided more than a couple of months ahead of the party I wanted to do make everything on my own, right from the party decorations to invites to the return gifts. I had a vision of a themed birthday party something on the lines of what you see on Pinterest :). Well ofcourse our party was not even close, all I could manage in the limited time I get to craft was to come up with invitation cards and personalized party favor bags. For the decoration we had to manage with local decorators; and guess what we landed up adding Winnie the Pooh because they didn't have enough Mickey and friends cutouts, luckily Kriti did not complain.
For the birthday cake we got a not so great looking Donald Duck cake, but it tasted great and Kriti loved it and that's what really matters :).
Amongst other games we also had a "pin the bow on Minnie's head" game which the kids enjoyed, Minnie's head was hand drawn by my mom.
And here's a look at the invites:

For the party favor bags I converted regular party bags into personalized favor bags. The names were cut using Silhouette Cameo and the Mickey Silhouettes were hand-cut.
Here's a quick tutorial on how to convert a regular paper bag into something fancier.

  1. Take a regular paper bag
  2. Remove the existing handle from the bag. 
  3. Fold the top of the bag to the desired height.We want to make more holes on the bag aligned with the existing holes on the top of the bag; so mark the location where the new holes would go.
  4. Punch holes at the marked locations. I used my Martha Stewart hole puncher.
  5. Decorate the bag  and add the goodies in the bag.
  6. Now tie it up with ribbon. 
  7. Put the ribbon through the 2 bottom holes from the back (non decorated side) of the bag to the front. 
  8. Now put the ribbon through the top holes from the front of the bag to the back,now pull the ribbon tight and tie into a bow 
  9. and you  are done!
Signing off with one of the few good portraits of Kriti.....


  1. Belated B'day wishes to Kriti..Love the way you converted the bags to personalized ones, love the theme and the invites are very pretty too :)

  2. Lots of birthday wished to your lovely daughter Kriti.I really like the idea of converting the regular bags in to fancy bags.Loved you invites too.
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